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Key Themes for Stocks in the Second Half of 2024 | Weekly Market Commentary | July 15, 2024

LPL Research provides key themes for stocks in the second half of 2024: earnings importance, potential market volatility, and impact…..

Global Portfolio Strategy | Stocks Finish First Half on a High Note | July 9, 2024

LPL Research raises its S & P 500 earnings forecasts as stocks rise again in June as technology strength and…..

Midyear Outlook 2024 | Still Waiting for the Turn | July 9, 2024

Navigate markets through year end with LPL Research’s 2024 Midyear Outlook, providing insights on stocks, bonds, the U.S. election, economy,…..

Client Letter | Midyear Outlook 2024: Still Waiting for the Turn | July 9, 2024

LPL Research recaps the economy and market to date, plus provides a forecast through year-end...

Client Letter | Solid Gains to End the First Half | July 3, 2024

LPL Research highlights potential stock market implications of the other birthday America celebrates this month and the strong gains in…..

Double-Digit Earnings Growth on Tap | Weekly Market Commentary | July 1, 2024

LPL Research discusses expectations for the upcoming earnings season, highlighting the importance of earnings growth in maintaining or enhancing stock…..

Artificial Intelligence: The Antidote to Fed Policy? | Weekly Market Commentary | June 24, 2024

LPL Financial explores artificial intelligence, its expected impact on the stock market, and investing in disruptive technologies...

Keep Calm and Clip Bond Coupons | Weekly Market Commentary | June 17, 2024

LPL Research explores the Treasury market's response to recent economic data releases and central bank meetings...

India at the Crossroads | Weekly Market Commentary | June 10, 2024

LPL explores how Indian Prime Minister Modi's recent election victory may impact the country's economy and its status as a…..

Global Portfolio Strategy | Summer Sector Shifts | June 7, 2024

LPL Research makes some mid-year sector allocation changes and upgrades industrials and consumer staples, while downgrading consumer discretionary and healthcare...

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